Brittney Griner the WNBA star will go to jail for 9 years, she is charged with drug-smuggling

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WNBA star sent to jail, for carrying drugs

Brittney Griner is a basketball star, she was stopped at the airport, she is charged with smuggling drugs, into Russia. The court has sentenced her for nine years of jail time, on Thursday, this case raised concerns between the two countries Russia and America, this has been dragged as political pawn in Russia’s war against Ukraine. U.S is trying hard to bring the star home.

The judge fined the star with 1 million rubles, this amount is 16,400 in dollar, Sotnikova is a judge from Khimki city. According to judge the star found guilty of what she have done, the prosecutor have asked court to sentence the star for 9.5 years in jail.

In an emotional speech, Griner apologized to the court, she asked for clemency in her speech on the decision of the court.

Brittney Griner gave a emotional Speech

She said in her speech, I do not want to hurt anybody, i never meant to put Russian population in peril, and I do not wanted to break any laws here,” Griner to court. “ its is my mistake, and I hope this will not end my life here in Russia. She said political pawn is far from the court room.”

She said “I had no intent of breaking Russian laws, in her emotional speech, the star said , I did not machinate of plan to commit this crime,”

When she left court room, Griner told CNN news, “I love my family.”

The judgment of the court came after six months, when the 31 year old was seized at a Moscow airport, she is accused of carrying less than 1 gram of cannabis oil in her luggage. Griner is a basketball star, and two time gold medalist,  the star found guilty of drug charges, last month, in her emotional speech she said I have accidentally packed the drugs in a hurry.

The lawyer of Griner, will appeal for decision of court

The lawyers of Griner said, the court has ignored the evidence, Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boykov are two lawyers of the Brittney Griner, the attorney have 10 days to appeal, they said they will challenge the court decision.

The attorney of Griner said they are disappointed by the court judgment court should be fair, to everyone no matter what is nationality. They said in a statement “This confute the existing legal practice. The decision of the court is obstructive. We have time we will surely file an appeal.”

Boykov the lawyer, for Brittney Griner

At outside of the court, speaking to the news people, the attorney of Brittney Griner, Boykov said, the third of prisoner get release from sentence before time, and average time of jail for this type of crime is five years.  The attorney the defense team said we are hopeful Griner will speak to her family next week, and she will be returned to detention centre.

Sentence comes during tense relations between US-Russia

In an effort to bring Brittney Griner safely, the U.S.  has offered a potential swap with Russia, for Griner’s safe return. The U.S. officials said she is wrongly detained, Joe Biden said, this extended sentence is “unacceptable.” This relentless decision came in the scrim of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the country’s jingoistic with the US and Europe. US Embassy in Russia, Elizabeth Rood said the sentence was a “miscarriage of justice,”

This is wrong, the Brittney should be the returned to the country, to her loved one, and friend, teammates, Biden said in a statement.

Antony Blinken castigate Russian legal system, “she said Russia is using individuals as political pawns, this is wrongful detention, and there is some problem with Russian legal system.”

Brittney Griner to court I packed drugs in Incaution

Griner arrived at the hearing with shackles, she held a photo with Russian squad, and she spoke to her legal team. She depone that she had doctor’s permission to carry the cannabis, and had no intention of bringing the drug into Russia.

The attorney of Brittney Griner, continue hold on with the argument, they said, by incaution she packed drugs, which is in a hurry, she did not pay attention about the substances permit for use in the United States, ended up in her suitcase, and arrived in Russian Federation,” Boykov, of Moscow Legal Center.

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