Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell dies at 88

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Bill Russell leaving behind unmatched legacy

Bill Russell was NBA Player, he played from Boston Celtics, the star died on Sunday at the age of 88. Under him the team become champion for record 11 times, he is observed as a greatest player of basketball.

The family did not reveal the cause of death, The Russell’s family publicize the death of the star, they said in a statement, he died peacefully with his wife Jeannine by his side.

In his 13 year of career, he won five Most Valuable Player awards, and also becoming 12 time all star between the year 1956 to 1969. He dominated the NBA as a defensive and boomerang force in his career. In his last three years of career he coached Celtics, leading the team to win two titles, He was the first Black head coach in the league.

The Commissioner NBA Silver said, Russell “The values he hold, is something much bigger than sports: the values of freedom, and esteem that he inscribed into the DNA of our league”

The exceptional player in the NBA history

He was the first black coach, we saw him in many big NBA events in his 35 years of lifework. He presented the trophy to the Finals MVP in the NBA Finals. Silver on Sunday, said in a statement. “Bill was the ultimate winner and consummate teammate, and his influence on the NBA will be felt forever.”

Russell’s family pointed that he will be remembered for his fanatic and social justice, saying his “understanding of the struggle is what illuminated his life.”

The basketball writers voted Russell the exceptional player in the NBA histroy, in year 1980. The player won many hearts, he was the archetype of selflessness, a fertile winner. He won with defense and  rebounding while leaving the scoring to others. This meant Wilt Chamberlain, who was only worthy opponent for Russell.

Looking up to the stat Russell cared about 11 championships from two.

He Marched with Martin Luther King, on Washington in the year 1963, it happened when King Jr, gave his speech “I Have a Dream”, he also backed Muhammad Ali. He got Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in the year 2011.

Obama wrote in a statement, Bill knew what it took to win and what it took to lead. On the court, he was the greatest champion in basketball history.

President Biden on Sunday called Russell a “sky-high champion for freedom, equality, and justice.”

Life of the legend player

Russell went to high school in Oakland, California, when he was a child his family moved to West Coast, he was born on Feb. 12, 1934, in Monroe, Louisiana. He won a gold medal in 1956 at the Melbourne Olympics in Australia.

The game played against Bob Pettit’s St. Louis Hawks the Celtics won the NBA championship, it was first win from 17 games. The Celtics won the title again in 1959, which started an unprecedented string of eight consecutive NBA crowns.

He had 51 rebounds in a game Chamberlain holds the record with 55. In 1966 Russell became the player-coach, after Auerbach retired after winning the 1966 title. In the Easter Division finals the Boston lose a game with Chamberlain, stopped the title stream of the Celtics. The Russell became the coach and almost a decade before Frank Robinson took over baseball’s Cleveland Indians.

Russell helped Boston Celtics to win in the titles of 1968 and 69, won in the seven game of the playoff, they won the series against Chamberlain. After the 69 finals Russell took retirement

Life of Russell after Retirement

Russell felt that there were bigger battles to fight. When he got retirement from NBA, he became head coach of the Seattle SuperSonics in the year from 1973 to 77 but he continue to carry on with the social causes. The Sacramento Kings from the year 1987 to 88, served as a commentator, at NBA, the television broadcasts. His autobiography is written with Taylor Branch and it was published in 1979. Russell got Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1975, and in 2011 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

He won MVP trophy, won in NBA Finals In the year 2019, he was address as one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players. Russell’s retired by Celtics in 1972, he played with a jersey No. 6. He was part of a anniversary in 1970,  and 75th anniversary team.

With quotes on leadership and character, in 2013, his statue was uncovered on Boston’s City Hall Plaza with blocks of granite.  He was admit as Basketball Hall of Fame in 1975, he did not take part in ceremony, he said he should not have been the first African American elected.

In 2019, Russell accepted his Hall of Fame ring in a private gathering. “I felt others before me should have had that honor,” he tweeted. “Good to see progress.”

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