BLACKPINK's Jisoo Blossoms In Her Solo Debut: Stream ‘ME’ Now - A Must Listen for K-pop Fans!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Blossoms In Her Solo Debut: Stream ‘ME’ Now – A Must Listen for K-pop Fans!

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BLACKPINK's Jisoo Blossoms In Her Solo Debut: Stream ‘ME’ Now - A Must Listen for K-pop Fans!
Source: Billboard

Jisoo, a member of world-famous girl group BLACKPINK, has finally made her highly anticipated solo debut with her two-song project ME. This solo debut comes seven years after the formation of the group, after releasing successful tracks with BLACKPINK. The two highly anticipated weeks of lead-up to the release of the project included teaser visual films and a high-fashion music video trailer for “Flower” available on YouTube. The full project is now available for pop fans worldwide.

The first of the two songs on the ME project, “Flower,” is a beautiful track that combines delicate violin plucks and snappy trap music to create a powerful yet subtle sonic rollercoaster. The track features Jisoo’s signature vocal style, which has always been emotional, exploring a range of emotional warbles and passionate runs. The song’s chorus is almost hypnotic with its pitched-up vocal sequences, promising to be a notable earworm for 2021.

The second song on the project, “All Eyes on Me,” opens with a stomping synth-pop dance breakdown that captures Jisoo’s love for robust dance-pop records. Her voice is enthralling as she demands “Make me feel alive” and later orders “All eyes on me” as the chorus reveals a bright and punchy groove. Jisoo truly shines with the track’s bridge, which displays her vocal range, and how well she’s transitioned from being one part of BLACKPINK to lead artist.

With Jisoo’s solo debut release, all four members of BLACKPINK have now released chart-topping solo music, with Jennie (“Solo”), Rosé (“On the Ground”), Lisa (“Lalisa”, and “Money”) all dominating charts in previous years. As one of BLACKPINK’s most beloved members, it won’t be a surprise if Jisoo takes the world by storm with her solo debut.

In conclusion, Jisoo’s ME project is a must-listen for K-pop fans worldwide. Her music is versatile, and her voice is excellent, making her an excellent solo artist. Furthermore, her music videos are always well-crafted and visually stunning, making the lead-up to the release of her solo work even more memorable. Don’t miss out on this project and follow her on her journey as a solo artist.

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