Betty Gilpin Talks 'Mrs. Davis' and Her Unconventional Relationship with Jesus

Betty Gilpin Talks ‘Mrs. Davis’ and Her Unconventional Relationship with Jesus

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Betty Gilpin Talks 'Mrs. Davis' and Her Unconventional Relationship with Jesus
Source: Daily Beast

In the new sci-fi drama series, Mrs. Davis, Betty Gilpin plays Simone, a nun who despises Mrs. Davis, an all-powerful AI app. Alongside her mission to destroy Mrs. Davis, Simone also embarks on a casual mission of hunting down the Holy Grail while engaging in a very literal and physical relationship with Jesus Christ himself.

Gilpin, whose comedic timing is impeccable, described the experience of watching Mrs. Davis as “a little like watching CCTV footage of the craziest mushroom trip.” She expressed her excitement for the concept of the show, as it allowed her to perform high-stakes situations and ask important questions, something she is always eager to do.

Although the show’s depiction of Jesus has been received with mixed reviews, Gilpin aims to give an honest and intimate portrayal of a relationship, treating it with utmost importance and respect. She spoke with nuns in preparation for her role, describing them as “some of the smartest, most incredible women I’ve had the pleasure of talking to” and appreciated their dedication to meditation.

In addition to portraying Simone’s happy moments in the convent, where she finds a sense of belonging through her sisters and their work, the series highlights Gilpin’s skills as an action performer as Simone breaks out of handcuffs and rides off on a motorcycle, undergoing the wringer through the show’s eight-episode run.

Mrs. Davis raises timely questions about AI and its potential to either save or destroy humanity, making it a must-watch show for both science fiction enthusiasts and anyone curious about the future.

In conclusion, Betty Gilpin’s portrayal of Simone is unforgettable and compelling, and the show’s concept is downright bizarre but refreshingly so.

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