7 Eerie Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Spend the Night In

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7 Eerie Haunted Hotels You Can Actually Spend the Night In

If you love ghosts, haunted houses, and spooky happenings, check out this list of the 7 most haunted hotels in America! From the hotel made famous by The Shining to the hotel rumored to be built on a Native American burial ground. Of course, there’s something here to appeal to any paranormal enthusiasts out there.

1. The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel has a reputation as one of America’s most haunted hotels and is also known for inspiring Stephen King to write The Shining, which was made into a film starring Jack Nicholson in 1980. Visitors to the hotel have reported seeing apparitions including those of two pre-teen girls, who are believed to be victims of an avalanche that killed their school group on their way back from a picnic lunch. There’s also reported sightings of a butler with blood on his face and a figure dressed in old-fashioned clothes wandering around on certain floors. Another visitor saw what he described as the lady in blue, or another manifestation of one of these tragic girls.

2. The Americana Lodge & Spa – Autryville, North Carolina

This historic hotel was built in 1916. Since then, there have been quite a few accounts of mysterious activity at The Americana Lodge and Spa. Guests have reported seeing apparitions in their rooms and even experiencing physical contact from unseen presences. And who could forget about Walter, the ghostly bellboy? The reports reveal, Walter roams around and convey messages from far away knocking the doors and ringing of room service bells. If you stay here next time. Next time you stay here Remember not to ask, for his room number! There is no doubt that many spirits lurk within The Americana Lodge & Spa; it’s one of America’s most haunted hotels.

3. Hotel Monteleone – New Orleans, Louisiana

For visitors seeking to get in touch with New Orleans’ supernatural side, Hotel Monteleone is one of several haunted hotels you can spend a night in. At least two ghost stories can be tied to Room 923, which is said to be haunted by a young girl who mysteriously died at the hotel after being abducted from her home. The other story involves wealthy businessman Harry Dreyfuss, who hanged himself in Room 607 on December 7, 1931. No room was booked for him that night and no explanation has ever been given for why he killed himself there—but some say his ghost haunts room 607 to warn others of impending death. Hotel Monteleone sits just blocks away from St Louis Cemetery No.

4. The Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel has been a fixture in Eureka Springs, Arkansas since 1880. It was built for miners in Oklahoma and Kansas. It’s gained a reputation over the years as being one of America’s most haunted hotels. Guests report everything from strange knocks on doors in empty rooms to terrifying apparitions in their bedrooms at night. Tourists say they’re often followed by ghostly figures as they roam through empty hallways on well-lit paths. The hotel is famous for its Ghost Hunt Halloween parties. Guests can explore 7 different haunted locations around town with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators armed with high-tech cameras and equipment designed to capture ethereal images.

5. Buckhorn Inn & Resort – San Antonio, Texas

After dark, guests claim they hear strange sounds and see unusual shadows that move around their rooms. According to local legend, a young bride named Florence met her untimely death by falling down a staircase at The Buckhorn Inn in 1923. It’s said she now haunts guests, who claim to have heard footsteps late at night—as well as seen several apparitions wandering throughout various parts of The Buckhorn Inn & Resort. It is just 15 minutes from Downtown San Antonio and walking distance from many popular attractions like SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and The Alamo Mission.

6. San Juan Resort & Casino – Farmington, New Mexico

About a decade ago, Norma Deihl and her son David traveled to Farmington, New Mexico from their home in Phoenix. Norma was interested in buying some property in town because of its secluded setting, beautiful views and access to nature. She never did find a place she liked enough to buy. But, she did notice that at night several rooms of one particular hotel were often completely full even though it was largely empty during daylight hours. Later she find out that one of her relatives was brutally murdered at that same hotel years before.

7. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Los Angeles, California

If you think ghosts are relegated to graveyards and decrepit, crumbling mansions, think again. The Hotel is one of most hunted landing place. We have to agree with our fellow sources about what they say about the hotel. People say that haunted hotels can be some of America’s most exciting getaways. Ever since, it opened in 1927, even well-known guests like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable have felt (or feared) a ghostly presence. And let us not forget about those chilling poltergeist happenings in room 217! Visit if you dare. You won’t regret it. Or will you? Only time will tell…

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