6 simple command shortcuts on your Keyboard You Should Use everyday

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These Six shortcuts can make your life trouble free, apply these play down Command keyboard shortcuts on MacOS.

When you are working on any project, or may be at important document, command and option is the important keys on your keyboard, and there are some shortcuts which are useful for you. The shortcut keys can make your experience easy, and fast you will definitely use modifier keys on your keyboard. These shortcuts can perform functions that are impossible with a single key.

Most used shortcuts are copy (Command-C) and paste (Command-V), there are other keyboard shortcuts, which allow you to make easy impenetrable tasks like you want to force close any app, so you will use option Command-Esc, or may be you want to take a screenshot ( Command-Shift-4).

The command key is the modifier key, it is the most important key.

With the command key you can perform many functions, like you can paste text, undo typing, this can also select all your data at once, can open a new window,  the command key is much useful and powerful you might think.

Command key is helpful if you are looking for anything stored in the computer, this command key can quickly hide windows and it can also disarray your desktop. If you are a MacOS user, you might not be up to date with all Command key offers you.

We are showing you six shortcuts, that use the Command key below.

1. Open all windows at one page on your desktop

Keyboard shortcuts are created to help you with your work at home or at office, the shortcut Command-Tab, open all window those are open on your desktop. Using this Command-Tab combination you will access your all windows in one open apps. This combination can help cycle through the apps, and when you release the app which you have brought to the front, it gets highlighted.

2. This shortcut hide the window, which is open on your desktop

Shortcut Option-Command-H, if you do not want to minimize your window, you can fast hide the window, which is open on your desktop. This can hide the window from both your desktop and dock, without closing it altogether. To keep the front window and not to hide the app window, you can use the Option-Command-H.

3. This shortcut Helps search for files

For complete experience this is one of powerful feature of Mac’s, Spotlight search brings the bar and you can type for music, notes and movies and for locations. To bring up spotlight search you can use the magnifying glass in the menu bar. For fast and easy experience this shortcut is very effective.

4. Point up the URL to your web browser and share it

When you are working at any important project, you might share a web address, so for it you double-click in the search bar and you copy the text of the document.  In spite of that Command-L is a faster way to do it. This command shortcut will straight away highlight whatever is in the address bar.

5. Reopen your closed tabs

You might have seen Command-T when you were working at any document on Safari which opens a new tab, this shortcut can reopen a recently closed tab. this can save your time.

6. To open anything new in Apple applications

This shortcut is not used enough. it can open a new email in Mail, a window in Safari, an event in Calendar and more.

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