2023 NBA Play-In Tournament: Expert Picks and Predictions

2023 NBA Play-In Tournament: Expert Picks and Predictions

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2023 NBA Play-In Tournament: Expert Picks and Predictions
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Starting off the Play-In tournament, it is essential to look at our experts’ picks and predictions for the first round matchups, and the No. 8 seed play-in game for both the Eastern and Western Conferences. Let’s take a closer look at their insights and views.

Hawks vs. Heat: With a unanimous decision, our experts believe that the Miami Heat will come out on top of the Atlanta Hawks.

Timberwolves vs. Lakers: Our experts have unanimously agreed that the Los Angeles Lakers will take the win against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Bulls vs. Raptors: The Chicago Bulls seem to be the preferred choice by four of our experts, while the other four are going for the Toronto Raptors.

Thunder vs. Pelicans: It is another split decision for this game, with four people believing the New Orleans Pelicans will win, and the other four picking the Oklahoma City Thunder as the victor.

No. 8 seed play-in game (East): Half of our experts voted for the Hawks to clutch the victory, while three others sided with the Bulls, and one with the Raptors.

No. 8 seed play-in game (West): With only one person on the opposite side, the Minnesota Timberwolves won the majority vote to triumph over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Overall, experts have predicted different game outcomes for each match. Only time will tell if their predictions come true or not, and we are all excited to see how it will all play out.

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